Colin Kaepernick tells Jaws to pump the brakes on the high praise

Colin Kaepernick might be one of the smarter football players in the NFL.  After getting a huge praise from former NFL QB Ron Jaworski, Kaepernick was honored, but he basically said his job is not done.

Wednesday Ron Jaworski said “Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,” on ESPN. “I love his skill set. He throws with accuracy. And in today’s NFL, you have to have mobility. He’s got all those attributes.”

Well Colin Kaepernick was flattered by the praise but had something to add himself.

“I’m working,” he told reporters Wednesday, per The Associated Press. “To me, it’s a great honor that he said that, (I’m) very flattered by it. But at the same time, I haven’t played a full season yet.”

That is a pretty impressive thing to say coming from a quarterback who put up pretty impressive stats taking over for Alex Smith.  Kaepernick is the future of the Niners, but will need his wide receivers to step up this year.  The Niners could see a lot of 8 in the box type scenarios this season.  I think teams will try to make Kaep beat them with his arm rather than his feet.

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