Chris Kluwe now says a “Changed” Mike Priefer should get a job

Just a few weeks ago former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe accused the Vikings special-teams coordinator of making homophobic remarks in 2012, a charge Priefer “vehemently” denies. Kluwe initially had written and said he never wanted Priefer to coach again. Kluwe now says he would not have an issue with Priefer taking some time away from coaching and returning following therapy.

“I think it’s a better example if he reflects on what happened and after like a year or so, with therapy and working with (gay and lesbian) outreach groups, he realizes what he said was hurtful,” Kluwe said Wednesday in a phone interview. “If he clearly has changed and he understands what he said was so bad, then he can become a positive role model.”

Kluwe is a strange character, but regardless of the outcome he was wrong to come to the media.  He should have confronted the coach in my opinion.  The way the world is now, it is like slashing his throat when it comes to job opportunities.

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