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Bills are leaning towards keeping Tyrod Taylor now

Bills players feel Tyrod Taylor will be tremendous

Tyrod Taylor need to be back in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills’ decision on Tyrod Taylor’s future is running out of time. The Bills brass will have to choose whether to pick up the $27 million option bonus by March 11 or cut ties with the quarterback, and it looks like they are leaning towards keeping him. 

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that it appears there is a better chance the Bills keep the quarterback than release him.

Tyrod Taylor will not restructure his contract and take a pay cut

Bills players feel Tyrod Taylor will be tremendous

Tyrod Taylor has made the Pro Bowl twice in 2 years with the Bills. Do you want to see him back?

Tyrod Taylor is now flexing back at the Buffalo Bills!

After the Bills decided to sit him the last game of the season, Taylor and the Bills have been going back and forth. The Bills quarterback has now made it public that he is not willing to restructure his contract and agree to a pay cut to return to the Bills in 2017, according to the Buffalo News’ Vic Carucci.

According to Carucci, Taylor and his agent are “firmly convinced” that he would secure the same salary from another team on the open market, so there’s really no incentive for him to reduce his compensation.

There are rumors floating out there that the Browns would be interested in Taylor if he hit the market, but the Bills would need to decline the option before that happened. 

Bills do not have many options right now.  They can look for a veteran, but if they let Tyrod walk they could be making a bad decision.

Bills five week window to avoid Tyrod Taylor’s guaranteed money begins today

Bills players feel Tyrod Taylor will be tremendous

Tyrod Taylor has made the Pro Bowl twice in 2 years with the Bills. Do you want to see him back?

Today is the first day the Buffalo Bills can release quarterback Tyrod Taylor to avoid paying him his guaranteed money.  Mike Rodak of ESPN, posted this tweet about 2 hours ago.  This is a very interesting topic, because the Bills do not have a back-up. E.J. Manuel is a free agent and Cardale Jones did not look ready to compete.

Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) · Twitter
2 hours ago · Twitter

Today is the first day the Bills could release QB Tyrod Taylor, if they so choose. Essentially a 5-week window until $$ guaranteed March 12.

During an appearance on “The John Murphy Show” on WGR 550 earlier this week, Taylor reiterated his desire to remain with the team and that he is “definitely looking forward to seeing what they can bring” while adding that his recent sports hernia surgery has kept him from obsessing over his contract.

“It’s just a sit-and-wait game right now,” Taylor said, via the Buffalo News. “The thing that keeps my mind off of it is rehabbing. If I didn’t have to rehab, it would probably be on my mind all the time. The more important focus for me is to get healthy, get back to 100 percent, that way I can go out there and play the game that I know I can play.”

Do you think the Bills should move on from Tyrod? 

Report: Brad Childress is out of the running for the Bills OC position

Bills seem like they are zeroed in on Greg Olson as their next OC

The Buffalo Bills could have their new offensive coordinator very soon, and it will likely not be the guy that everyone was hoping for.  According to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills are hosting Greg Olson for an interview for the vacant Offensive Coordinator position.  The Bills will are no longer targeting Brad Childress for the position as it was previously reported.

Vic Carucci (@viccarucci) · Twitter
#Bills scheduled to bring Greg Olson in for interview for OC job on Thursday. Appears #Chiefs co-OC Brad Childress is out of the picture.
This is a huge turn of events for me as a Bills fan. I do not get how Greg Olson keeps a job. The lack of offensive minded coaches must be very thin.

Buffalo Bills are set to sign Sean McDermott to a five year deal to be their head coach


Sean McDermott will be the Bills new head coach

The Buffalo Bills are flying Sean McDermott to Boca Raton, Florida to meet with Terry and Kim Pegula at their house according to Vic Carrucci of the Buffalo News. 

The Bills are scheduled to finalize a five year deal to hire McDermott as their next head coach.

Vic Carucci
#Bills & Sean McDermott meeting today at Pegulas’ home in Boca Raton, Fla. All signs point to finalizing a 5-year deal to become HC.
McDermott’s resume:
As coach:
  • William and Mary (1998)
    Graduate assistant
  • Philadelphia Eagles (1999–2000)
    Scouting administrative coordinator
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2001)
    Assistant to head coach
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2002–2003)
    Defensive assistant & quality control
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2004–2006)
    Assistant defensive backs coach
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2007)
    Secondary coach
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2008)
    Linebackers coach
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2009–2010)
    Defensive coordinator & secondary coach
  • Carolina Panthers (2011–present)
    Defensive coordinator


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