Captain Munnerlyn does not usually talk trash but he sure got back at Santonio Holmes

Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn does not usually rub a performance in somebody’s face, but he sure has some choice words for Santonio Holmes.

Jets receiver Santonio Holmes said the secondary was the weakness of Carolina’s second-ranked defense. Well maybe that was the case, but Munnerlyn couldn’t resist imitating Holmes’ airplane move in the end zone by holding both arms out like he was flying.
Then he added his own wrinkle, falling to the ground like a crashed jet. It drew him a 15-yard penalty and likely a fine from the league this week, but he doesn’t care.

“I’ve never been called out like that before,” Munnerlyn said. “I have never been a part of nothing like that. If you think that, I’ve never heard anybody say it. And he went out publicly and said it.”

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