Can Adrian Peterson rush for two straight 2000 yard seasons?

Adrian Peterson rushed for 2097 yards last season after he returned from a horrible knee injury. Peterson has been so amazing this year already that he is on pace to break his record from last year.  In just four games, Peterson has racked up 421 yards averaging 4.6 yards per carry.  Peterson is already 89 yards ahead of what he had in week 4 of last year.

Through 4 games @AdrianPeterson has 89 more yards than he did in 2012.. when he finished with 2,097. #2500 #factsonly

If Peterson is able to get 2000k twice in a row, it would solidify his Hall of Fame ballot.  I already feel he is a Hall of Famer, but this would just help close the case for him.

Even Ladanian Tomlinson had great things to say about AP:

“He’s the most feared runner in the NFL right now,” Tomlinson said by December. “I mean, the guy is averaging 6 yards a carry. You only need 10 for a first down!”

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