Cam Newton says the media projects his wide outs as the “Sorriest”

Cam Newton is a very solid player and todau when he was asked about his wide outs and stated the media is down on them, but expects them to be ready.

“The elephant in the room has already been stated,” Newton said Wednesday, according to the Charlotte Observer. “Those guys have already accepted the challenge. You don’t have to go in there and tell those guys, ‘Hey, you’re projected the sorriest receivers in the NFL.’ We already know.

“But with that, those guys already have that fire in their eyes. I would rather those guys be like that and for them to go out there and bust their tails like they’ve been doing. It’s kind of like a slap in — not only their face — but my face as well. The things that have been said, the reports, who cares? Because at the end of the day, we will be ready to play football, and Carolina Panthers football. Hard-nosed, and everybody’s going to have to do their job.”

Newton’s wide receivers are going to need to step up big time if they want to take that label away.

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