Cam Newton has been amazing in the past six weeks; He is playing like an MVP

In the past six weeks Cam Newton has been playing like a man possessed.  He has the Carolina Panthers looking like a contender again.  In the past six weeks Newton has been the most impressive quarterback in the NFL.  The team is 6-0 beating teams like the Patriots, the Niners and the Vikings.

Newton has passed for 10 of his 16 touchdowns in the past six weeks including 3 last night against the Patriots.  Cam has only thrown 3 interceptions in the past six games, which is amazing.

People tend to forget what Cam does on his feet as well, but Cam has 3 of his 4 rushing touchdowns in the past six weeks as well.  Mr. Newton is playing like an MVP and to be honest, I am really impressed with this kids talents.  He is going to be special, it just took a little bit of time to get him acclimated to playing in the NFL.

When Cam is confident he is very hard to beat, just look at his senior year for Auburn, or at Blinn College in Texas.  Cam is a stud folks, he is playing like an MVP.  There is not one team in the NFL that wants to see the Panthers right now.

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