Buffalo Bills owner will ensure his team is not blacked out; Donating the rest to Wounded Warrior Project

Ralph Wilson Jr. has done it again ladies and gentlemen.  While there are some young ignorant Bills fans out there that are not thankful for their aging owner, others like myself are thankful.  I don’t care what has happened the last 13 years, at the end of the day, Ralph Wilson Jr. has shown over and over again how much he cares about the City of Buffalo.

Yesterday the Bills asked Roger Goodell for an extension so they could sell the remaining 3,500 tickets for the game on Sunday against the Jets.  Well today Ralph Wilson Jr. told Russ Brandon that all the remaining tickets will be sold at NOCO gas stations in Buffalo for 25 dollars, and every dollar of the tickets will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  That is a pretty generous offer from the owner, and he is stating that if the tickets are not sold he will purchase the rest and donate the rest of the money to the same cause.

Ralph Wilson Jr., has shown over and over again his generosity as he once lifted the Oakland Raiders out of a 400,000 dollar deficit.  He has now lifted the Buffalo Bills black out twice this year, on his own, but some fans will continue to talk bad about him and the organization.

Well for all you Bills fans that continue to bad mouth our aging owner, you need to be ashamed of yourselves, because the guy is a class act.  GO BILLS


PS. – I have never been ashamed of the Buffalo Bills football team, but I have been ashamed of the fans, quite a bit.  That is sad, Thank You Ralph

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