Buffalo Bills could end up with a covered stadium (DOME ACTION IN BUFFALO)

Tom Golisano confirmed today that he has interest in buying the Buffalo Bills, and said if he does, he will keep the team in Buffalo, calling it a “very important asset” for western New York, according to the USA Today. 

Golisano the team and its partners for undertaking the current $130 million stadium renovation when a new stadium might be necessary in the near future.

“It doesn’t sound like they did a lot of planning,” he said. “Why go through all that renovation and $130 million when you’re going to build a new stadium anyway?”

Golisano also alluded to governmental support for a roof on the new stadium, if and when it is built.

“My guess and it’s strictly a guess, is the stadium will be covered,” he said. “I don’t know if it’ll have a sliding roof or just a permanent roof, but my guess is it will be covered. And the state government, our governor and some of our U.S. senators are very much in favor of this happening.”

This is great news for the Bills fans, especially the ones that go to the games with no shirt on…

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