Browns tell WR Josh Gordon they are “NOT” going to trade him

Josh Gordon wants to become a household name like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green, but if he wants to do that he needs to stay out of trouble.  Today when asked about the rumors of being traded he responded:

“I want to reach that goal of being one of the household names, the kind of NFL athletes that you could refer to when you think of wide receiver, big-play kind of guy like those kind of guys are,” Gordon said Wednesday. “I work on it every week, and going out there and doing it during the game is the biggest time to prove it.”

Gordon was drafted in the Supplemental Draft when he exited Baylor University early.

“[Chudzinski] texted me the other day talking about it and just reassuring me there were no trade offers or anything like that,” Gordon said.

That is great news for the Browns organization, because without Gordon last week, they would not have gotten their first win.

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