Browns have received several phone calls for Josh Gordon, but he will remain a Brown

Yesterday the USA Today talked with Joe Banner of the Cleveland Browns GM who was asked about his trade of Trent Richardson as well as the status of Josh Gordon. His message was simple:

“We’re absolutely not shopping Josh,” We’re not going to shop him and we don’t have any plan or intention to trade him.”

“When we did the Trent Richardson trade, the perception was we were throwing in the towel, (so) we got calls on players,” Banner said. “I guess that was a natural reaction based on how the move was perceived.

“If you’re in this long enough, you learn to never say anything absolute, because then something comes up and you look like you lied. I personally — and I think anybody here — would be completely shocked if we ended up trading him. Josh is playing great. He’s working his butt off.”

I too thought the team was throwing in the towel when they traded Richardson, I guess I was wrong, because the team has been flawless since the trade.  A matter of fact, after the trade, the team was able to win three straight. You have to imagine that most of the big teams called about Gordon, especially Atlanta.

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