Browns fans are you ready to name Brian Hoyer your future quarterback after win?

Who would have thought that starting Brian Hoyer would be a good move?  I did, earlier this week in my week 3 predictions, I was the only one of our writers to believe that Cleveland could pull off the win after trading Trent Richardson in the middle of the week.

The day before the trade, the Browns named Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback over Jason Campbell, and I told everyone don’t panic, because Hoyer had been their before.  Hoyer started the last preseason game of the year and was amazing.  Well I have a question for Browns fans….

After getting a win with Brian Hoyer at quarterback, are you willing to name him the starting quarterback and move on from Brandon Weeden?  Or are you thinking it could have been a fluke win?  Wait til he has another start under his belt to jump the gun?  I would love to find out what you think Dawg Pound, let me know on Twitter @drocksthaparty to tell me which quarterback you would start?

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