Bernie Kosar says Jay Cutler reminds his of Dan Marino in the huddle

Today the Chicago Bears had Bernie Kosar the former Cleveland Browns QB at their practice to observe organized team activity from the field and offered pointers throughout the workout to starter Jay Cutler and the four other reserve quarterbacks currently on the offseason roster.

“You can see the camaraderie and the family-type atmosphere they have here within the building and within the team. It’s really impressive to watch”.

And what did Kosar think of Cutler?

“Look at his command of the huddle and how he changed plays out there today,” Kosar said. “I used to joke with Dan Marino about how Dan had an amazing presence within the pocket. Being able to move [short distances in the pocket] and being able to find that weak spot and find the opportunity. [Cutler] can also feel the pressure and just that subtle little step he takes to get away is really impressive.”

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