Adrian Peterson is upset that the Packers picked up Eddie Lacy because it was a great pick-up

Today star running back Adrian Peterson was doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on RedditTuesday, when someone asked him about Eddie Lacy of Green Bay Packers. The Vikings back admitted that he didn’t like the Packers pick-up of Eddie Lacy. He Believes that Lacy is a star to be in the NFL.

“Eddie lacy, but he’s on a passing team,” Peterson wrote. “but that was a real good pickup… that i didnt like.”

Eddie Lacy is going to be a star, in an article I said earlier, I think believe that Lacy has Pro Bowl Potential.  It is great that Adrian Peterson the big rival of the Packers even believes in the rookie running back.

Lacy could be destined for a huge season, especially against the Vikings weak defense.  The Vikings could have their hands full come week 8 of the NFL season.  Lacy will just be getting in the grind of things, when he faces the Vikings defense.

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