A picture of the guns that the police found in Aldon Smith’s house

pictureSan Francisco 49ers stud linebacker is in some pretty hot water, after he was hit with 3 felony charges for possession of assault weapons, stemming from a shooting that occurred back in 2012 at Smith’s mansion in San Jose, California.

Smith is currently suspended from the football team after catching a DUI last month.  These charges stem from an incident back in 2012 where Smith was stabbed.  Another two people were shot in his house, with an unregistered .45 handgun.

The identity of the shooter is unknown — but officials do say there were several guns found in Smith’s home, including 3 kinds of assault rifles which are illegal in California … and an unregistered .45 handgun.

According to cops, Smith fired the handgun into the air several times during the party, but did not hit anyone.

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